Scalloped borders added for extra detail

Measures 74" x 84"

Navy and White Vines for the backing

Completed March 27, 2022

Henri Matisse Cut Outs at the NGA in Washington, D.C.

In the fall of 2017, my daughter participated in the Museum Makers Seminar with the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. I accompanied her to D.C. and for 6 Saturdays, I toured the city but especially hung out in the East Building at the NGA. One of my favorite rooms was the Henri Matisse Cut Outs exhibit.

When I came across the Clover Pattern by Cluck Cluck Sew in 2020, it reminded me of the Cut Outs. I made the pattern in similar colors and added a 1 inch sashing between the "clovers" (John's idea!). I also added a scalloped border to represent other shapes from the Cut Outs.


Jazz Wall Hanging

30" x 40"

The Modern Jazz Quartet

The inspiration album cover

On the wall!

My husband plays drums and was wanting a couple of wall hangings to absorb sound. He's into Jazz so we looked at some album covers from the 1950's and found lots of inspiration. We found one from The Modern Jazz Quartet that was really cool. I mapped it out on graph paper and added a few squares to make up the 30" x 40" dimension.


<-- Click to see a collection of photos documenting my quilting projects in various stages. I experimented with a domestic machine quilting set up (that didn't last long!!) to acquiring my own longarm and eventually upgrading to the computerized robotics.



Meet Gracie! She's a 13 yo mixed mutt who loves to quilt, um, I mean, hang out in the studio and eat treats while I quilt!


Introducing Violet! She's a 14 yo domestic short hair who finds the most comfy places in the studio for napping!


Monica lives in Winchester, VA with her husband, John, and pets Gracie and Violet. They are newly empty nesters which means more time for quilting!!

You can find me on instagram @ moquilting

I made my first quilt when I was 23. My husband and I were browsing a fabric store with his mom when we spotted a beautiful quilt hanging on the wall. We discovered that it was a kit consisting of a main panel, panel blocks and sashing. It only needed the panels to be sewn together and quilted. My Grandmother was a quilter so we talked to her for ideas on how to finish it. She suggested we get a quilting frame. My Dad drew up a rough plan and made one for us. It took up half of our living room when we set it up in our small apartment! It took us a couple of months to hand quilt it and we didn't even quilt in the sashing! LOL!

My Grandmother was not only a quilter but also sewed my clothes for me up until I was about 7. She made a scrap quilt for me with all of the leftovers from my handmade clothing. I loved that quilt and remember spreading it out on the floor to watch Saturday morning cartoons. I still have it and it's pretty crazy to be able to touch the fabric of the clothes I wore as a little girl. That's why I think quilts are magical.

When my Grandmother came to visit us, she always brought us "gifts". Usually a little knick knack or something from her house. When I was around 9 or 10, she gave me a quilt that she made and was first used for my Dad when he was born. I can't say I was thrilled. As a kid, it was like getting socks for Christmas. It traveled with me throughout my adults years, hanging in a couple of our houses. Just recently I've been thinking about why she gave me a quilt at such a young age. Did she see a future quilter in me? Or did possessing that quilt pique an interest in quilting in my later years? I kind of like to think it was the former.

The first quilt made by John and myself around 1989 - Cotton 70x78

A close up of the center panel.

Scrap quilt made around 1973. Various fabrics from my childhood clothing. Machine quilted - 74x87

My Grandmother's quilt made in 1934, first used in 1939. 65x76

Traditional piecing and embroidery. The quilting looks to be done by a domestic machine.

Written on the back: "To Monica Wright. Grandaughter Made by Geneva Golden 1934. First used by Geneva Wright March 19, 1939"